Windows 10 doesn't have a Bluetooth screen or recognized a Bluetooth device

Hi all,
I have a windows 10 license (from windows 8.1) and I've activated my license key, so not problem there.
My windows 10 version is Pro N.
When I'm connecting a Bluetooth dongle to my computer it doesn't recognized it (or play the connect device sound) and when I'm trying to open devices menu or even searching for a Bluetooth screen at start search box I don't get any result.
It's like the Bluetooth feature is not even install on my computer (which must be the case).

My windows 8.1 had a Bluetooth screen and was able to connect to other devices without any issue or problem.
Can't understand where the problem is coming from but any help will be great.


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I suppose a couple of questions, and I have no experience with the N version of Windows 10.

Do other USB devices behave normally? Have you tried multiple ports?

Does Device Manager Show the Bluetooth Devices such as Radios?

I tried all the USB ports on my computer.
All other USB devices are operating normally, which means working.

Device manager doesn't show any Bluetooth devices, not under USB nor Radio (not displayed on the device manager) nor Network.


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You might as well let us know what the model of the Dongle is, maybe we can find something regarding it and Windows 10. We had another poster using a USB wireless adapter who was not able to get it to see the network.. Maybe these things are related.

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