BSOD when copying over LAN


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Alright, you have a major issue with the RAM. It is currently running at half of its intended speed at 200 MHz. It should be 400 MHz. Go into the bios, make that change, save and things should be well. Keep us updated please. :)

(The machine is going to be a lot faster too.)
I set the BIOS to DDR2 800 but now, according to CPU-Z, it's 373.1 (or.2 ). There are no settings in the BIOS to change it directly. I tried setting their voltage from 1.8 to 2.0 in the BIOS but nothing has changed and CPU-Z actually still registers 1.8v?!

Does it make much difference? Any suggestions?


CPU-Z does not tell you the voltage in use. If it is reading 400 MHz, all is well. You should leave it set at 1.8V anyhow.


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It was impossible to manually set my RAM up to its proper speed...but this weekend I installed a new HDD and CPU. After installing the Athlon II 445 the RAM now automatically runs at slightly over its recommended speed! All is FINALLY well! :) Thanks again to TorrentG for all the help!