I downloaded the update for AVGFree 11and now everything is gone from my desktop

Everything is gone, my background, the Start button, date time in the right hand corner, the entire task bar at the bottom of the screen. I have uninstalled the AVG update and restored to just prior to the update but everything is still gone.

I can access the desktop from the My Documents folder that opens upon entering the password to my user account. ( It never opened this way before.)

The "desktop" screen is completely black and I have tried the Right click on the desktop to get to personalization but that doesn't work, it doesn't even respond when I right click.

When i right click from the My Doc folder that auto opens I don't get a personalize option.

Please HELP!!

AVG has been know to cause a lot of issues for some reason. Try uninstalling AVG and see how if your desktop returns to its previous state.

Go here to get the AVG remover tools: AVG - Download tools

See if that helps with things. You may have to restore to an earlier point also.

I have actually already done both of those things. Anything else that may help?


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Perhaps a system restore to a restore point just prior to the problem happening?

I have done that as well. I have been trying to fix it all day, and what appears to be missing is the file to run the taskbar and start menu. There are also no icons on the desktop, nor the photo I had set as a background. Everything else seems to be functioning just fine. I can get online, access the control panel, I just can't get the taskbar and start menu folder to open.

NO worries, and yes less is more in this situation. Thanks for the help.


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Have you tried stopping and restarting explorer.exe
Use Ctrl Alt Delte and choose start taskmanager.
If explorer.exe is running select it and choose end task
And then from the taskmanager file menu choose file New Task Run
and type


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Check the Windows Registry for the correct shell value. See attachment.

@ Trouble I used your tip of stopping and restarting the explorer.exe from the Task Manager and presto I had everything back. So Thanks a bunch. Any idea what I did that caused it to do this so I don't do it again? :) Again Thanks


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No, it probably wasn't something that you actually did, but more likely an issue with a problematic software install or un-install.
But if you wouldn't mind a suggestion from someone who actually used to work for an AVG reseller, consider removing it permanently and give MSE a go. Download, install, update and run a complete scan. Also make sure you double check the shell value of the registry key, I noted above otherwise the problem may re-appear after a reboot.
Good luck

Randy- I entered the file path you had included on your attachment....yes when I restarted it returned to the missing desktop, it said that file path was not found. How to i get to the Windows Registry?


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Sorry. Just type regedit into the search box or run dialog box and hit enter.
Improperly editing the windows registry can cause problems so make sure you pay attention to what changes you make. Be sure before making any edits, that you create a restore point, backup the registry, export the key that you are editing to a safe location and only then proceed with caution.
Back up the registry and
System Restore: frequently asked questions

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